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We are all put on the stage called Life without having a script and rehearsal. We diligently play our roles every day. Sometimes we tend to forget, however, our roles can be changed and we always have chance to rewrite or change the play and have another rehearsal. We can allow ourselves to perceive inner-self and the world differently. It is like what a caterpillar does when it breaks its cocoon and transforms to a butterfly. Be fearless to give yourself a chance to change your life by joining Life coaching rehearsals and ...

... fly with us!

How do we do it?

Life coaching rehearsals are learning space as a fusion of adaption from the Theater of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal and life coaching. Through combination of life coaching and theater we challenge you to think, move, play and express in many different ways.


of our approach are SPONTANEITY AND CREATIVITY which can be achieved through:


Embracing the present moment.


Way of doing things.


Driving force toward your goals.

What can you gain?

be engaged with positive energy

explore creative mind

develop adaptability to change

communicate more effectively

boost your confidence

enhance current relationships

enrich your overall sense of well-being

What do we provide?

Butterfly Workshops - corporate and private

Butterfly Walks – stepping into mindfulness

Life/Executive Coaching

one to one
in groups

Allow the Life to speak through you in its endless power and creativity.

Break the cocoon!
Become aware!
We can FLY!!!

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Jooyoung and Morana have created the Butterfly Workshops as an unique match of life coaching and theatre concepts that aims to empower life quality of expats and guide them toward happier lifestyle.

Morana Smolcic

Morana Smolcic is a certified Executive/Life Coach and Law of Attraction practitioner, and a creator of Morana combines the power of present moment with the law of attraction techniques to empower others on their life journey.


Jooyoung Song

Jooyoung Song (South Korea), playwright and theatre artist based in LA and Seoul. She runs numerous theater workshops adapting Theater of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal. She has now moved to Shanghai and started a new journey integrating theatre techniques with life coaching to improve life quality of expats.


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